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I'm not too sure what the point of a website is. Or, perhaps more succintly, who a website is for? Is it for me to show off? Or is it a marketing tool to entice people that might want to employ me? Or is a way to get people involved in my work?

I don’t know.

But I guess part of it is a way to instigate a conversation. And, I guess a large chunk of my work is about that too: I aim to have conversations with people about the point and function of art – what it can do; what it can’t do; where it succeeds, and where it fails.

This wee section gives an over-view of the more 'social' side of my practice, exploring art's role within the public sphere. Importantly, these works/my practice shouldn't be confused with 'social work': fundamentally this is 'art' and not 'helping people'. I make this clear because of my understanding of the ethics involved with 'working with people'. I like people. I like working with them because they are different to me, and that difference is good. The social realm is constructed of difference, discourse, and debate, and I neither have the authority or 'right' to help people or eradicate that difference/discourse via my work. Rather, these projects - and my work in generall - explores notions of how tension/conflict can be productive within participatory practices.

But, I'm always interested in hearing other ideas... please, get in touch if you think I'm wrong.