All of my practice is collaborative, in the sense that it exists for other people and not just me. Also, when I 'work with people' I approach those people as co-collaborators. They are not my materials, but shared workers in an exploration. I may have the initial idea, but it can only develop in partnership with other people. This often complicates things, as the questions of who 'owns' works like that is always a negotiation. However, I don't think this problem is too insurmountable as all the collaborative works – both the highlighted ones in this section, and my work with people through-out this site – are presented as just my response as a fellow co-collaborator, and am happy for people to present their own ideas and ownership of their contributions. As I've said before, I'm just a guy.

The three collaborators I've listed here are long-term art pals with whom I work, and I like them a lot. I thought I'd list them both to show off our shared work – of which i am incredibly proud – but also to show the different types of ways of long-term collaborating that I enjoy.

Additionally, I always feel the need to collaboratively work with institutions, and try to approach the engagement as a 'we', rather than just consider them someone who commissions/employs me. In this way, the works are much more rounded, and the relationships I have with those institutions are often long-term and develop and grow, which I think is a good thing, as we understand each other more. I have included many of these lovely organisations in the links section, to the left.