Artist and researcher Alexia Mellor is based in Newcastle but has worked internationally. Her website is:

Alexia and I share both an artistic but also research-based collaboration, looking into participaticipatory practices and their relationship to cultural policy, institutions, business and education. We have co-written several papers, most recently for engage We have also presented at ISEA 2014, ELIA 2014,and the Arts In Society conference 2015. to name a few. We have developed several projects that aim to problematise the notion of knowledge production via performative and participatory works. These have included the The 404th Wall as well as the Think Tent, an Open Source kit that acts as a mechanism for critical self-reflection within institutional and educational settings. (Image below) We are currently working on a multi-layered project to develop a 'metric' for participatory and socially-engaged practices that can be used by both practitioners, institutions and communities.